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A Pastime with a Purpose

The math in the grid below is simple - only addition and subtraction. The challenge, and the pleasure, is in figuring out a solution using the available resources (i.e., the integers 0 - 11). While "Numbers" was developed to provide an entertaining way to practice basic math, the essence of "Numbers" is not in the math, but in the type of thinking that is required.

As a simple example, if the above table is simply filled with 0 through 11 in sequential order, each equation evaluated (rows, left-to-right; columns, top-to-bottom), and the results summed, the grid has a value of 4.

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The challenge is take the provided numbers and arrange them so as to maximize the grid value. The basic rules of math apply (i.e., proper order-of-operations must be followed and, when applicable, division by zero is not allowed). How effective are you at getting the greatest possible value out of limited resources?

Are you intrigued by “Numbers”? The basics have been described and examples provided. Give it a try and either send an email to let us know your thoughts on the game or, preferably, go to the "Numbers" Book page, check it out, and order your copy.