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Welcome to the web home of eiPie Innovations

What will you find on this website? To many, it will probably seem to be a rather odd collection, but they are all connected by the common thread of filling perceived needs by means of an approach based on math, science, and engineering.

Working chronologically backwards, eiPie has developed the following three products:


Social Security & Retirement Financial Modeling is a Windows app that has been developed to help individuals and couples, who are in or near retirement, get an assessment of what their financial future may hold. SS&R can help answer such questions as:

the resonance of Life

As we progress further into the 21st century, the state of the world is becoming more and more precarious. Is the strength of humanity’s resonance starting to fade?

Most people see their lives as a gift, a precious thing held tight and defended against all threats. However, through acts intentional and not, the damage we have caused and are causing to each other and this world in which we live is immense. Why do we have the habit of destroying the lives of others? What is it that has too often driven us to act inhumanly toward each other? The objective within these pages is to improve our understanding. If we can do that, perhaps we can also improve our behavior.


Do you enjoy math, teach math, or would like to see your children do better in math? If so, you may be interested in a patented game (US Patent #7,549,644) that has been created to provide an enjoyable and challenging way to develop and practice basic math skills. Click on the "Numbers" Book link to learn more.

The HS™ Ground Cloth

Do you tent camp? If so, the following three questions will help you quickly determine if the HS Ground Cloth is something you would appreciate.

  1. Have you ever gone tent camping and had it rain?
  2. Have you ever had water collect between the tent bottom and the ground cloth?
  3. Did you discover that your tent bottom was not exactly waterproof?
If you answered "Yes" to each of those three questions, the patented HS Ground Cloth (US Patent #7,637,698) is an item you would appreciate. Click "HS™ Ground Cloth" to learn more.

eiPie Innovations

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