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Combining the imaginary and non-rational, with knowledge, to create real solutions

(ISBN: 978-0-578-00945-2)

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Cyfr (the game previously known as "Numbers")

A Math and Thinking Challenge

The book pictured to the right is available for purchase. Its 124 pages include 115 challenges (four 3x3 grids to get you started, 101 5x5 grids, and ten 7x7 grids).

For a sample challenge, click on Cyfr. To view the first 15 pages of the book (pdf file), click on the cover image to the right.

Why purchase this book?

  1. Solving a Cyfr/"Numbers" challenge is entertaining.
  2. Cyfr/"Numbers" helps develop the habit of looking at available resources and determining how best to utilize them to advance toward a goal. In Cyfr/"Numbers", those resources are a set of integers. In life, we have time, talent, and various assets (knowledge, money, personal contacts, physical items, etc.). The four basic math functions in Cyfr/"Numbers" have direct analogies in the real world -

    • Addition ⇔ Benefits
    • Subtraction ⇔ Costs
    • Multiplication ⇔ Synergies
    • Division ⇔ Counter-forces (e.g., taxes)

    Because of that, it is easy to transfer concepts from one arena to the other. Fundamentally, we maximize the value from positive synergies, and try to use counter-forces to our advantage, as we work to get the greatest benefit with the least cost.

  3. Where else could you find something that would develop thinking skills, provide entertainment, and have a classy cover, all for the low and unique price of $6.28?